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Pay to Make Money
I won't kid you, there are a lot of scams out there. Many of the products you find require an initial investment and promise big returns. I do not suggest doing any program that pay if you cannot afford to take the loss. In this area you will find programs that say they will pay you for anything from doing Surveys, sending them web traffic or creating your own website and making money off ads.

We looked over these programs and they seem promising for the cost though we may not have tried them.
Domain Flipping Basics - This is an eBook we sell. Many places sell this book for $40 or more we are currently selling it for $9.99
Income Hybrid - Get web traffic to click on ads
Paid Surveys at Home - Do surveys, test products, movie trailers and focus groups.
Surveys at Home - Surveys, mystery shopping and more.
Domain Flipping by the Millionaire Society - Buy dot com's and resell them
We just provide links to products you may be able to make money on. There is no Guarantee you will make any money. Though we hope you do!