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This is how much I have earned so far!


After using Neobux for a while now I no longer suggest renting the referals. There is some speculation that the rented referals are not real people and are bots. The more I look at the statistics the more it appears that way. NeoBux is still a great PTC site but ignore the rented referals and instead try to cap out your direct referals.

Further update, NeoBux introduced a feature called AdPrize. For every Ad you click on you get three bonus views which will allow you to win prizes. Prizes range from small amounts of NeoPoints to $50 in cash. They also give a way Gold Memberships.

NeoBux is a paid to click service that pays you for viewing specific web pages. It really does pay but it can take awhile to get any real income out of it.

I'm still early into it but NeoBux looks to have some decent potential. It won't make you six figures but can after some time and patience, put gas in your car for trips to and from your day job very easily with just a few minutes of work each day.

The trick to earning money with neobux is in the referals, clicking ads alone will not get you much every day but if you have an army of people clicking ads you can get $50 a day or more!

The first couple weeks will be slow going just click ads when ever you see them. I get an average of about 35 ads per day. Ads worth 1cent or more are fairly rare, you'll only find a few a day but you will get a lot of one tenth of a cent ads. I guestimate that I get between 5 and 7 cents a day just from ads I click myself and you also get a neopoint for each ad you view (more on them later). Keep clicking for a week or two untill you get around a dollar in your account. I am guessing it will take you about 2 weeks to reach this milestone

Once you got a dollar transfer it to your Rental Balance and purchase your first 3 Rented Referrals. This should cost you around 60 cents but if they click every day you should get around 6 cents a day from them but more than likely you will get around 3 cents a day. Repeat this step until you get 15 Rented Referrals. You can only rent referrals every 7 days. But at this point it should not be a problem.

Keep in mind when you rent a referral you only have it for 30 days. If your referral time is running low extend them for as long as you can afford. The longer you extend the more of a discount you get. At 240 days it is a 30% discount. You can also turn on autopay and it will extend referrals one day automatically when they click and give you a 15% discount.

Watch your referral statistics as well. If you see someone who has not clicked in 10 days you may want to consider recycling them. This costs you 7 cents but it will remove that referral and put in a new one that may start clicking for you. You want to try to keep your average clicks around 1, anything less and you start to lose out.

Once you got your 15 referrals it is time to start thinking bigger. Click everyday and if your average is over 1 you should have enough to pick up 15 more Rented Referrals in around 10 days or so. Once you do pick them up all the while watching your average, extending good referrals and recycling the bad ones.

Keep picking up 15 at a time until you get to about 60 then move up to getting 30 at a time. You getting the idea now?

Once you get above 200 you have a couple options. You see 300 Rented Referrals is the current limit for standard members. To get more you have to upgrade to Golden, this will cost you around $90 for a year. Ouch right? The good news is that Golden members make around twice as much from referrals so you can make that money up fairly quickly.

What I would suggest is once you get around 200 rented, go back to buying 15 every week. Putting half of your earnings into your Rental Balance and leaving the rest for your Golden upgrade. This will take a while. At 300 Rented Referrals and about a 1 click average for them you will be getting around $1.50 a day so it will take a couple months.

Once you get Golden keep building your Rented Referrals till you get the max of 2000. With 2000 Rentals and a 1 click average you will gain about $20 and at 1.5 clicks a day around $30.

And now you have another choice to make. You can start saving up for Golden Packs through Ultimate or be happy with your modest daily income. This is a choice you will have to make because the Golden packs are quite a bit more expensive and it will take you a couple months to build it.

Neo Points can also be used to buy your Golden member ship. I guestimate it will take around 2 years to get enough points to buy your golden, which is good that will be about the time your first golden will be running out! Since you don't need to spend the $90 for your golden you may want to save to get an upgraded pack!

Another good bonus is direct referrals. When you sign up you are not eligable to get direct referrals but once you are, get them. Tell your friends tell your family and also tell people you don't like If I could talk PayPal into giving my cat an account I would have her sign up too! Direct referrals are basically referrals you don't have to pay for!

I will tell you my basic plan of action once I max out my Golden referrals. My plan is to take what ever I need to keep my rental balance up, I am guestimating it will need to be about two thirds of my daily income. After I transfer that ballance I plan on withdrawing half of the remaining to my PayPal account leaving the rest to upgrade a golden pack or for use on a rainy day.

I also signed up for two other Pay to Click sites similar to NeoBucks. My plan for these sites it to take their profits and use them to build up my NeoBux army a bit faster. I will post more information about them once I am sure they pay and will be around for a while.

I hope this helps any Neobuxer out here. Good Luck and keep clicking!
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